I Intro R RockIntro D Drops 1 StopVideo1

T Transition P LetsPlay
F/G ThinkingMusic K Klaxon 2 StopVid2

0 SuspenseSound
4/5/6 WrongAnswer
7/8/9 RightAnswer
C CongratulationsMusic */- Applause

Need music to introduce games? Music to mark transitions? Music to welcome students or teams "on stage"?

Above you can find fantastic tunes in different styles.

Click on a style and then on a tune to play the funkiest part of the tune.

Click on "Stop" to stop the tune at any time.

Click on one of the "drops" in the shortcut menu to hide the sudden stop with some bass drops.


I = Launch random intro music
R = Launch random ROCK intro music
D = Randome Bass Drop
1 = Stop video 1


The extended menu gives access to modules, timers and tools that you can open in your projected screen for students to see.

Above you will find a drop-down menu of timers and countdowns that you can open in this screen or on your second projected screen.

You also have radio buttons for stopping music with a crash and grey buttons for introducing the various types of "thinking" music that can accompany work or questions time.


D = Launch a bass drop and press 1/2/3 to stop currently playing music
T = Play transitions sound
P = Launch "Let's play!" voice
F = Launch random working/thinking music
G = Launch 'tick/tock" gameshow music
2 = Stop video 2

Above you will find music to help you stop the "thinking" music, play some suspense music while students prepare their final answer, and some "right" and "wrong" answer sound effects. There is also a collection of music extracts to celebrate success.

1,2,3 = Stop currently playing videos
0 = Launch 'suspense drumroll'
4,5,6 = Wrong answer FX
7,8,9 = Right answer FX
*,- = Applause
C = Launch random celebration music



Launch Intro
Launch ROCK Intro
Launch a drop transition
"Let's Play!"
Launch a drop transition
Transition to quiz Launch think music

Applause Random celebration music

Right answer sounds
Wrong answer sounds
STOP video 1 STOP video 2 STOP video 3
Suspense music before giving answer
Voice over